City: Sumy

Project manager: Olena Kasian 

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 4

OKTOWN is an optimized platform for the development of tourist infrastructure, even in very small towns.

OKTOWN is a web and mobile version that has the possibility of simplified registration for businesses and a convenient interface for searching by geolocation for the customer. This makes it possible for businesses to sell travel services online even in small towns, and an opportunity for those businesses that do not have the technical ability to promote.

The problem solved by OKTOWN is a poorly developed infrastructure for finding local tourism services.
OKTOWN – works according to the B2B2C business model, which makes it possible to find and order a service in a few clicks, regardless of the customers' geographical location. Income is planned from the sale of services to B2C according to the CPA (percentage of sales) model and advertising promotion for B2B services.

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