City: Khmelnitsky

Project manager: Alla Hanzyuk, Marina Kraevska

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 4

The idea of ​​the project is developing of a technology for obtaining magnetically controlled sorption material based on natural saponite and glauconite clays modified with protein substances such as amino acids, enzymes and hormones. The obtained organo-mineral complex is advisable to use for the prevention and treatment of oncological diseases , primarily liver as it is the main human sorbent, also as a supplement to sports nutrition.

The main advantage of the technology is that the natural clays are used to obtain the final product. They are cheap, have high sorption capacity, absorb toxins easily, are safe and mix micro and macro elements. Due to high iron content, clays can be used as magnetically controlled complexes in treatment of liver and gastrointestinal(GI) tract pathologies, especially at the stage of chemotherapeutic treatment.

That means that developed dietary supplement based on natural minerals will be directed exclusively to the location of the tumor, without damaging other organs. Also it will be a carrier of amino acids or enzymes that are easily destroyed.

The income must come from the sale of dietary supplements. 

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