City: Chongqing, China

Project manager: Wang Chao

Technology Readiness Level: TRL 8

It is well known that various kinds of trauma, benign/malignant tumor resection and other causes, all lead to large complex oral craniofacial defects. Although there are a variety of clinical solutions, accurate repair and functional reconstruction is still a serious challenge in clinical medicine.

The objective of this project is to provide a set of practical clinical solutions for accurate repair and functional reconstruction of large area complex hard tissue defects in the oral craniomaxillofacial area.

Under the current situation, the number of cases of oral craniomaxillofacial defects caused by trauma (car accident, ice sports, war) is soaring, so the implementation of this project is very necessary and urgent to treat such patients efficiently!

Our team proposed an innovative solution to fabricate 3D digital oral-cranio-maxillofacial implant devices based on additive manufacturing technology by using multistage complex lattice structure scaffolds as the reconstruction framework, combined with bioactive materials.

Through the research and development of advanced bioactive medical materials with biodegradability, combined with biomechanical research, and further upgrading of additive manufacturing and processing technology, a solution for large oral craniofacial defects was proposed.

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